Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kids Are Kind Of Dumb

Once a week, Emma's first grade class schlepps a few blocks to the
YMCA for swim lessons. Can you imagine bringing 14 seven year olds
a couple blocks, getting them into bathing suits, making sure they
don't drown eachother, getting them dried off and dressed again,
and back to school?! That's reason #47 that I'm not a

Leo goes to help the boys in the locker room. This week, he
overheard them talking about High School Musical, so he told
them that he played Troy in the movie. Now, these are media savvy,
street smart kids.


For those of you unsure of who I'm referring to,
here's teen heartthrob Troy:

This is Leo:

HAHA! Kids are kind of dumb.

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