Thursday, March 27, 2008

Career Day

Emma's class just had Career Day. There was me, an architect, a lawyer, a person who sells investment products, a pharmacy technician, and a scientist.

The scientist had the misfortune of going last, directly after me. My presentation ended with a group hug and unicorns prancing around the classroom.

He started to get really frustrated because the kids didn't know that hydrogen, not water, was an element, or that we were mostly made of carbon. The kids wanted to know if he blasted things out of space (no), if he ever cured a disease (not yet), if his laser could kill someone (sadly, not even a too inquisitive first grader).

The important thing to remember when presenting to six-and seven-year-olds is to roll with the questions, be as funny and gross as possible, and keep it simple. This dad did none of these. He was visibly frustrated, and one of the kids asked him what he liked to do.

Dad: "I like to run."
Kid: "I can run faster than you!"
Dad: "No! No. Actually, you couldn't."


Dale said...

What a grouch. He could use a nice stack of flap jacks.

nik said...

I often speak to brownie and cub scout troops and help them earn their first aid badges. One of the girls once asked me "Um, what should you do if, um, you, um, get, like, an umbrella stuck in your head?" Funny, right? Funnier when you notice that this child has a half inch scar over her right eyebrow.