Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Love This!

Why do you need to read Oprah's lists when you've got my lists of awesome things?

1. The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers. OK, I don't give a shit about Star Wars, but I would love to pose little dolls all day.

2. My friend Jenn and her friend Melissa started selling cute little bags. If you look at the bags they've already sold, I've got the lemon owls one. So (sew!) cute. And little! If you don't like any of the current patterns, just check back later - they add new bags constantly.

Sew Bendy @ Etsy

3. David Sedaris has a new book. Yippee!

4. Lois Lowry's Anastasia books for kids. Not the maybe princess. Anastasia is a sassy 10 year old who lives in Boston and loves Gertrude Stein. And talks to a bust of Freud. I plan on reading the series to Emma this summer.

5. Trader Joe's Salty Caramels. Huzzah!

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