Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Sweet Smell Of Sulfates

We only buy good-for-the-planet cleaners. Philosophically, I know this is good, and I certainly feel smug when I sprinkle in the Seventh Generation dish detergent.

Here's my confession of the day:

I don't really think they work all that great. In fact, I think they suck. It kind of grosses me out. When I'm scrubbing the toilet with some wheatgrass, honey & love concoction, I ache to aerosol-spray the shit out of the bowl with some Scrubbing Bubbles. I treasure the light-headed feeling I get from inhaling too much bleach. I really miss that dioxin goodness so much. What do you think? Does baking soda and eucalyptus oil really get things clean, or are we just kidding ourselves?


Kalin said...

We're kidding ourselves. I hate to say that, but in a lot of cases it's true. I used to use *only* organic and all-natural cleaners, but I ran into the same problems -- grimy residues left on things, sticky floors, etc. Plus, I didn't trust that our kitchen sink (the big bacterial offender, esp as we eat meat and I don't get around to cleaning it everyday) was being properly disinfected.

So now we compromise. I use bleach (namely Comet -- on the kitchen/bathroom sinks and in the toilet bowl) when I do a deeper cleaning, usually once a week. I use Simple Green on the countertops and floors, which is biodegradeable but still much stronger than the Seventh Generation stuff. Still, in many cases (like on our shower walls, for example) I've actually found that Doc Bronners on a wet washcloth/sponge works better than any chemical cleaner -- a ray of hope!

I think a wee bit of bleach isn't a crime. That said, I'd still avoid things like Scrubbing Bubbles, 409 etc, which use harsh and unnecessary chemicals. At least you know that bleach is just chlorine. The other stuff... I don't know.

Peas said...

I live with Roommate and TallerYoungerBrother. They are both me-proclaimed slobs. Hence, I chemical clean the SHIT out of our bathrooms, kitchen sink, counter and even appliances.

When it's just Steph and I though? I'll back it down some. But for now...I'm using the equivalent of the Ghostbuster nuclear accelerator proton packs (don't cross the rays)....and inhaling...and wiping it all up with a paper towel.


I do, however, use reusable grocery bags. :)