Friday, September 19, 2008

At Least It Wasn't Regurgitation

Abby has been learning how letters form words. This morning I asked her if she'd like to learn to write a word. She replied, "Sure! YES!!", so I asked what word she'd like to learn.

"Hairless cat!"

Oh. Okay.

So now my four year old, who does not know how to spell ball or run or Spot, can spell HAIRLESS CAT.


qweirdutah said...

When your daughter grows up, she will likely read this post and sum up all her future failures and successes to her need to spell "hairless cat" at age 4. Will she skip the fundamentals and go right to calculus? Will she be obsessed with nicely trimmed pussy (cats...Really I was thinking cats.) Will she get the shavers and ensure all animals are without fur? When you need to spell hairless cat at age 4, I mean where do you go from there?

nik said...

knowing her, i believe she'd lean towards shaving the animals.