Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sequins, Big Hair, and High Heels

I went to a beauty pageant last night. Really. One of the prequalifiers for Miss America.

If you ever have the chance to go to one, GO. Really. It's such an interesting cultural phenomenon. The sequins! The hair! The stripper heels!

Did you know that they use the swimsuit segment as a physical fitness test? It has nothing to do with how good you look in a bikini! I guess asking the contestants to run or do push ups or arm wrestle or something would just be impractical.

I saw some girls up there who clearly have no friends. Do you know how I know that they have no friends?

A friend would not let you get up on stage and slowly "breakdance" and "sing" in sequins. She wouldn't. She would tell you the truth, so you don't have to see it on YouTube.


Marty said...

Hello Jen! I heard you moved your adorable family back to Berkeley. How's the Left Coast treating you? Grad school is cool, but currently kicking my butt. Eh. At least I don't work insane hours with insane students any more :)

Good to hear from you on my Eljay...stop by any time...hmm, maybe I'll add you so you'll have more than one entry to read.

Say hi to everyone for me!

Kalin said...

I keep coming back to this post, wanting more. More glitz! More glamour! More... stories! You have an impressive knack for finding the most fascinating/hilarious parts of culture and seeking them out and then snarking about them like a pro.

I've got free time again, so.... I need to call you to hear about this (and toilet-training the cats?). Will do so ASAP, my dear! Miss you!

jak said...

so where's the video sample?