Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Absurd Has It

If you know me at all, you know that I love the absurd, which is why I love glam metal, Rob & Big, cat shows, beauty pageants, and Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

So, friends, let me introduce you to Groomer Has It, a new show on Animal Planet. Wow. I don't think there is one non-quirky person on this show. You've probably never seen it, because it's on the loser hour on TV - 9pm on Saturdays. Oh well. It has it all - weirdness, snarky rivalry, people caring way too much about something that most people never think about: animal grooming.

Groomer Has It is a competition pitting animal groomers against each other to win $50,000 and a mobile dog grooming trailer. The judges are intense. The contestants are soooooo fascinating.

Watch full episodes here:

Until the teasers for next week, I thought last night's episode was going to be the best. The groomers had to style a dog of their choice from the Long Beach dog park and then stage a fashion shoot for the premiere grooming trade magazine, Groomer to Groomer. I shit you not.

Next week? The judges won't be judging them: their clients, with translation provided by pet psychic renowned Sonya Fitzpatrick, will!

I cannot wait! If you want to come over and watch, let me know!


Anonymous said...

I think the show is a cool idea. Groomers are awesome and grooming dogs is a skilled trade. Groomer to Groomer magazine has also been around a long time. The dog psychic, however, is indeed absurd.

I'm Jen said...


you're totally right - the show IS a cool idea. regular groomers are awesome, but they don't exactly create enough drama for a reality show. these people do.

Groomer to Groomer is probably invaluable too - but there's a lot of intentional humor in dressing up dogs as basketballs and roosters. I LOVE this stuff.

I also think Sonya Fitzpatrick rocks, though, so what do I know?