Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweetheart of the Yard Sale

I love yard sales. This morning, we made big cups of tea and little snack containers full of frozen veggies for the kids (why do my kids love to eat frozen vegetables so much? I dunno), and headed out to hit the best of Berkeley. We scored!

For $22, we got

  • a Sigg waterbottle
  • a popcorn popper
  • a Moka pot
  • one of the newer Moosewood cookbooks
  • a set of six mugs that are all different bright colors (like a disco version of fiestaware)
  • a baseball card size picture of a kid playing banjo for my dad
  • a light for a bike
  • a headlamp for camping
  • a cute sugar bowl with bulbs and seeds painted on it
  • a mug that has two little birds on a branch painted on it
  • a Chinese vase that had cherry blossoms, a river, and houses painted on it
  • a cup of mango sun tea
  • a hula girl
  • a toy car
  • a headband that makes the wearer look like a daffodil (no accounting for the taste of a 3 year old)
  • a backpacking backpack that's sold online for $350
  • oven mitts with penguins on them. penguins that I thought were super cute, but upon closer inspection, were doing unmentionable things. Birdy-style.
If you ever want to go yard sale-ing, please please call me first! Yay!

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Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope they treat you like a princess!